Clinics & Services

Ante-natal clinics

Our surgery provides maternity services. The midwife runs ante-natal clinics weekly and shares the care with doctors. The times for these clinics can be requested at reception.

Asthma and Diabetes Clinics

Our practice nurse team run these clinics and are trained in the management of asthma and diabetes. We strongly recommend that patients attend these clinics as they help enormously in coping with asthma and diabetes and their related illnesses. For patients who are due an annual asthma review, please would you answer the questions on the form in the link below and submit to us. If your symptoms are deteriorating or you have any concerns, please make an appointment with the respiratory nurse.  

 Open the Asthma Annual Review Form

Blood Pressure

If you are on treatment for blood pressure it is important that it is measured at least every nine months to achieve optimum control. If you would like to check it yourself there are self checking machines at each surgery. Please ask at reception if you need help with this.

Cervical Smears

The practice nurse runs a clinic for this and if you are due for a cervical smear and have been notified by either the practice or the Primary Care Support Agency, then you may make an appointment by telephoning the surgery

Child Health Immunisations

It is extremely important that children are protected against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough (Pertussis), Polio, Measles, Mumps, German Measles (Rubella), Meningitis ‘C’ and Haemophilus ‘B’ HIB.

There are very few reasons against having these vaccines, but if you are worried, please discuss the matter with your health visitor, practice nurse or doctor.

The clinics are run by our practice nurses, with a doctor in attendance. They are held once a month. You should receive a reminder in the post but please refer to your ‘red book’ for the schedule. You can also check on Current Immunisation Schedule for the most up to date information. 

Improved Access

We are working together with other local practices to offer patients access to more appointments in the early mornings, evenings and at weekends. To find out more about these services, please contact the practice.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

CHD monitoring and treatment clinics are run by our specially trained nurses.

Family Planning

All doctors provide this service. An appointment can be made with a nurse for family planning and menopausal advice. Please note that the fitting of an IUCD (coil) requires 20 minutes, following an initial consultation with the doctor.

Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations

Flu vaccines are normally available from September each year. There are special clinics held at the surgery and run by our practice nurses. There are certain criteria regarding this vaccination (these change yearly) – please check with reception if you are eligible.

Pneumonia vaccinations are available all year round – there are certain criteria regarding this vaccination, please check with your doctor or nurse if you are eligible.

Health checks

If you are between the ages of 16 and 75 and have not been seen at the surgery for a three year period you are entitled to a full health check. Although there are no statutory regulations about these, it is recommended that patients have regular weight and blood pressure checks. We advise that these should be carried out at 3 yearly intervals.

NHS Health Checks

NHS health checks is a nationally defined programme which is designed to identify and manage the risk of a cardiovascular incident within the next 10 years for those patients aged 40 to 74 who are not already identified and included on the disease registers. Please ask at reception if you are entitled to one of these.

Minor surgery

All doctors provide this service. We run special minor surgery clinics as required, but you will need to see your doctor before booking into one of these.

Examples of minor surgery undertaken are treatment of warts, removal of sebaceous cysts, treatment of toenail problems, injections of joints etc.

Smoking cessation

We do offer help with giving up smoking – please ask one of the medical team or ask for further details at reception.

Travel Clinic

Please complete a travel questionnaire available from reception and make an appointment with one of the nurses as soon as you know your date of travel.

COVID-19 Updates & Information

Advice in your region

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Get tested for COVID-19


Find out about the main symptoms of coronavirus and what to do if you or your child has them.


Get a test to check if you have COVID-19, find out what testing involves and understand your test result.


Get your COVID-19 vaccination, read about the vaccines and find out what happens when you have your vaccine.


Find out how to get your COVID Pass to attend trial events in England or to travel abroad.

Self-isolation and treating symptoms

Advice about staying at home (self-isolation) and treatment for you and anyone you live with.

People at high risk

Advice for people at higher risk from COVID-19, including older people, people with health conditions and pregnant women.

Long-term effects (long COVID)

Find out about the long-term effects coronavirus can sometimes have and what help is available.

Social distancing

Advice about avoiding close contact with other people (social distancing), looking after your wellbeing and using the NHS and other services.

Using the NHS and other health services

Find out about changes to using health services, such as GPs and hospitals, because of COVID-19.

Take part in research

Find out about health research studies and how you may be able to take part.

Download the NHS COVID-19 test and trace app