Online Appointments

Contact us on the main surgery number 01934 515878 or book online at askmyGP. All available appointments are accessible by online access, in person or by telephone.

When booking an appointment with the doctor or nurse, you will be asked if you would mind telling us briefly what the problem is. This will help the receptionist a) ensure you are seen urgently if it is deemed necessary – e.g. if you have chest pain, or b) seen by the correct team member if requesting a nurse appointment – e.g. specific things such as coil fits are not performed by all members of the clinical staff. Please rest assured all staff are governed by the same rules with regards to confidentiality, as are the clinicians – this is merely to ensure we provide you with the best possible appointment.  

Some of our doctors have other commitments and may not always be available but we will always offer you an appointment with another doctor. When appropriate you may also be offered an appointment with one of our very experienced Advanced Practitioners. 


Appointments with other health professionals

There are different ways of making an appointment to see a nurse or heathcare assistant either by phone or online. A full list of the clinics and how to make an appointment can be seen by clicking here.

Cancellations and DNA's

If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else. We have an option on the telephone system to Press 1 and leave a voice mail message to cancel your appointment. Please follow the instructions as we will be unable to action any other message apart from cancelling appointments. This option is available 24/7 and will be picked up Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 and 18:30. If you have a mobile number on your records, you will receive a text reminder with an option of texting CANCEL to a mobile number which will automatically cancel your appointment. If you have registered for our Online Patient Access service, you can log on to your account and cancel appointments as well. You can also use the AskMyGP service to request to cancel an appointment.

Last month we had a total of 

103 DNA appointments

(Patients who did not turn up to their appointment) 

This equates to approximately 17 hours 


If you cannot attend your appointment please cancel! Telephone 01934 515 878 option 1 or contact us on AskMyGP

Minor Injuries

 There is a minor injuries unit at Clevedon Hospital where the following can be treated:

Emergencies During Surgery Hours

If you need urgent medical care, please tell the receptionist that it is an urgent problem – you will always be seen the same day. DO NOT USE ASKMYGP IF YOU THINK YOUR MEDICAL NEED IS URGENT.